Moran Audit and Financial Consulting, Inc.

Small Business Management

From start-ups to established organizations, businesses rely on accurate and perceptive accounting and tax information to keep them profitable and guide new opportunities.

Many small businesses aren't large enough for a full accounting department. But when asked, most business owners agree that they could benefit from one. That's where we come in, with accounting and tax support for the Haymarket, Western Prince William County, Northern Virginia and D.C. metro areas. Let Moran Auditing and Financial Consulting serve as your accounting department!

We can:

  • Set up a chart of accounts
  • Consult on transactions to ensure they are correct
  • Review transactions to minimize taxes and tax audits
  • Consult on the most advantageous pension plan for your business
  • Perform payroll preparation and report to federal and state entities
  • Negotiate and manage bank lines of credits
  • Handle DCAA audits

Imagine not having to fund and staff an internal financial department but still have all the benefits at your fingertips!

"You can't grow long-term if you can't eat short-term. Anybody can manage short. Anybody can manage long. Balancing those two things is what management is."
    - Jack Welch

You've got a lot on your mind and on your plate. Partner with us for sound finances and fewer headaches. Give yourself more time to focus on building your business and let us handle the numbers.

Call Moran Audit and Financial Consulting today at (703) 623-1367 to get started.