Moran Audit and Financial Consulting, Inc.



Jim has an outstanding reputation in the industry and is respected for his sound judgment and strong ethical grounding. The Piedmont Charitable Foundation has been working with Jim for more than nine years. He is a consummate executive: able to quickly switch from high-level strategy to very detailed requirements that support his clients' mission(s). His attention to detail and excellent advice have allowed us to focus more on giving back to the community while Jim takes care of all the reporting and compliance requirements to maintain our 501(C)(3) status.

– John Munies, President of PCF


I have had the privilege of working with Jim for 30 years. He has functioned as the CFO of an IT services company as well as a financial advisor. I am consistently amazed at his insights and ability to solve a wide variety of difficult problems. Jim has made my job easier by consistently communicating the solutions to complex problems in understandable, actionable terms. He has always provided the highest quality work product, day in and day out. Anybody can provide a solution in a timely manner. The difference is that Jim has the unique ability to provide a quality solution to the most difficult challenges in a timely manner.

– Doug Ingram, CEO of LCT


Jim has been our ‘go to’ person for years. We have started 2 businesses with Jim's help and advice. He is a big picture guy who will guide you through the day-to-day number crunching. He gets the job done.

– Lucy McCausland, Treasurer of Chase Media Tech and Personal Client


I have known Jim professionally for over 20 years. He has always impressed me with his vast knowledge in financial and tax matters. Over the years he has become a trusted friend.

In one particularly worrisome situation involving a home sale, Jim's extensive experience and familiarity with problem specific segments of the tax code made him invaluable in resolving this issue and putting our minds at ease.

The quality of service I have received over the years is second to none. At times (when I have been "tardy" in providing some necessary documentation) he prodded me with reminders and follow-up to bring it to a timely conclusion.

He is the BEST because he is trustworthy. I would recommend Jim to anyone expecting top-notch service.

- Edda Carter, Personal Client