Moran Audit and Financial Consulting, Inc.

Tax Services

Perhaps no word in the English language stirs more emotion in business owners and individuals than the word “taxes.” It’s natural to be fearful of and confused by our complicated tax laws. But it’s essential to know their ins and outs, both personally and professionally.

Turn to Moran Audit and Financial Consulting experts to ease your worries. Serving Haymarket, Western Prince William County, Northern Virginia and D.C. metro areas, our experts prepare:

  • Individual tax returns for residents and non-residents (forms 1040 and 1040-NR)
  • Regular corporations (form 1120)
  • S corporations (form 1120S)
  • Nonprofits (forms 990 and 990EZ)
  • Partnerships (form 1065)
  • Estate and trust income tax returns (form 1041)
  • Estate returns (form 706)
  • Gift tax returns (form 709)
  • Payroll quarterlies (forms 940, 941, 944, W-2, W-3 and W-9)
  • Related stated tax forms for income, payroll and estate taxes

Our accounting and tax services are successful in part due to our open lines of communication. Frequent conversations and updates with our clients allows us to:

  • Clearly consult on tax issues
  • Minimize taxes
  • Ensure accurate presentation

We believe in consultation with our clients to openly discuss the issues up front. This allows us to present well-planned alternatives to you.

"The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn't get worse every time Congress meets."
    - Will Rogers

For all your tax service needs, rely on the experts at Moran Audit and Financial Consulting. Give us a call today at (703) 623-1367 to get started.